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The art of Jiu-Jitsu is worth more in every way than all of our athletics combined

President Theodore Roosevelt


Gracie Humaita Huntsville

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Kids Class

The world we live in today is changing at a rapid pace.As parents we must instill in our children an unshakable confidence that allows them to overcome the challenges they are presented with on a daily basis. Huntsville Jiu- Jitsu is  here to help  by arming your child with both mental and physical skills that will help them in school, home, and life. Our kids program starts at the age of 3 and continues through the age of 14.

Adult Class

Our adult classes are for anyone 15 years of age and older.  Adult class are open for all adults regardless of size or skill level.  We will help you help yourself in becoming stronger, healthier and a more confident individual. We are dedicated to teaching the curriculum that Master Royler Gacie has set for the basic understanding of jiu jitsu concepts.  These classes are designed to prepare students for both self defense and sport jiu jitsu. Men and women both will find our classes challenging and rewarding!